Archdiocese Embedded Player

The embedded player that will be provided to your parish has many great features:

  1. Hosted with our streaming provider, which means a reliable network with easy updates and maintenance.
  2. Great browser compatibility. (See an official list of supported browsers:
  3. Responsive design
  4. Automatic multi-bitrate switching
  5. HTTP and HTTPS compatibility
  6. Simple code to add to your website
  7. Customize your player with a different Splash Screen and/or Off Air image, and your own Google Analytics.
  8. No extra cost to parishes

Here are some examples:

What about support for Internet Explorer 8 or 9?

For the last 6 months, live streams have been viewed on Internet Explorer 11.5% of the time, while less than 3% of those views have been on versions 8 or 9. While this number is low, you know your audience the best. If you believe your audience will be best served by continuing to provide access to IE 8 or 9, we can direct you to an older Flash-based player. However, we cannot provide support for these versions, since this player doesn’t support them, nor does Microsoft.

We'll Need to Update the Player if...

  • You install an SSL certificate on the website allowing for access via HTTPS. Or if you uninstall the SSL certificate and go back to HTTP.
  • If not already using it, the parish website begins using responsive design. We will provide you with a few extra lines of code to make the iFrame responsive.
  • You wish to take advantage of the player’s easy multi-bit rate streaming. We will provide you with guidance for attaining this.
  • You switch your stream’s output aspect ratio. You can find this ratio by taking the stream’s output size dimensions and inputting them into this calculator: If you do, we’ll update the player and images to fit the new ratio.
  • You’d like to change the Splash Screen and/or Off-Air images in the player. See this article with instructions.
  • You’d like to set up Google Analytics for the player. See this article with instructions.