Using Google Analytics with Live Streaming

If you're using the GOA-provided JW Player for your parish live streams, you'll want to take advantage of Google Analytics to track usage. Below are instructions for getting started:

  1. If you don't already use Google Analytics for your parish website, consider doing so. You can get set up a Google Analytics account easily by going here:
  2. Now, get your Google Analytics Tracking ID:
  3. If you've been given a GOA-provide JW Player, then send us an email asking for the player to be updated with your new Tracking ID.
  4. Once we update the player, you can now get started with tracking your player's analytics. Below are instructions and suggestions

Log into Google Analytics account and head to Behavior -> Events. You will find all the playback events under “JW Player Video.” You can play around with the options given, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Event Actions are the different actions people have taken on the player (Play, Pause, Resume, etc).
  • To dig a bit further, you can click Secondary Dimension, search for and click on Session Duration. This can lead to some helpful information such as how long people were experiencing buffering, or how long someone played the stream.  
  • Another Secondary Dimension to look at is Device Category. This will give you information on what devices people are viewing your stream.
  • Also, under Secondary Dimension search for City or Country. This will give you an idea of where your viewers are located.

Also, try going to Behavior ->  Site Content -> All Pages and looking for a url that begins with /origin/greekortho/VideoPlayers/ this will let you see how many people accessed your live streaming page and for how long.

If you have someone monitoring the stream during service, you can have them login into Google Analytics and go to Real-Time -> Events. This section will let them see what people are doing with the player, where they're watching from, on what types of devices, and much more.

NOTE: At this time, it is not possible to track GOARCH TV app live streaming views (the GOARCH TV app can be downloaded to Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire).