User Account Not Receiving Listserv Emails

Three of the most common reasons people don't receive listserv emails are detailed below. If, after reading through this, the issue is not resolved, please email [email protected] for support.

  1. User is not a subscriber to the listserv. Many people have multiple email addresses and may have forgotten that they signed up for a listserv with an older email address. To quickly check if an email address is subscribed to the list, check out this article.
  2. Email is going to spam. Have a subscriber check their Spam/Junk folders to ensure your parish listservs aren't being sent there. For Comcast users, you may need to follow additional instructions.
  3. I'm a Sender of a list but am not receiving emails once they're posted to the listserv. By default, Listserv doesn't allow posts to go to Sender emails even if they're subscribed to the list. To change this default setting, have a List Owner log into Listserv and navigate to List Management -> Subscriber Management. Under "Examine or Delete Subscription" input the Sender's email address and press Search. Under the list of options in the Acknowledgements section, select "Receive copy of own postings." Press Save .