Using the Publish and Unpublish Dates for Website Content

A great feature of the EVO CMS is the ability to set Publish and Unpublish Dates for your website content. There are several uses for this feature which we will explain in the following article.

About the Publish and Unpublish Feature

Setting the Publish Date on your content allows you to organize items chronologically. If your website has a News or Sermons section, you'll almost certainly want to use the Publish Date. If not, the date listed on your news item will appear as "December 31, 1969". 

Other uses of the Publish date are for scheduling items to appear on your website at some point in the future. You can create the item, leave it unpublished, and schedule it to publish on a certain day and time. This is helpful not only for news, but also for messages about certain feast days (i.e. proclaiming "Christ is risen" on the homepage of your site. The Unpublish date field can be used similarly. You might have an announcement about an event or liturgical service that you want to appear on your website but then to disappear after the event or service has concluded. The Unpublish date field gives you the ability to make that happen.

How To Set the Publish and Unpublish Dates on your Content

To set a publish or unpublish date on a resource within the EVO CMS, first click on the document that you wish to edit and then click "Edit" in the Action icons. Then:

1) Click on the Settings tab.

2) Click in the input box next to either "Publish date" or "Un-publish date". A grid calendar date selector will appear, where you will have the ability to select a date and time. 

3) Once you have finished, click Save in the top right corner.

PLEASE NOTE: In step #2, when setting the publish date, you have the option to simply select the date and time that comes up by default, which is the current time. If, after selecting this and saving, your resource gets unpublished, it is likely because of a mismatch between local time (where you are) and server time (where your website is hosted). Please contact the Department of Internet Ministries so that we can assist you in tricking your website into thinking it is in the time zone as where you are. Alternatively, you can change the selected time to be a few hours earlier which will circumvent this problem.