How to Create A Weblink in the EVO CMS

A weblink is a resource item where the content is a link to a either a local or internal page on your own website, or a link to an external website. Unlike an inline link which are applied to text or an image on a single page, weblinks are created as resource within your site and appear in your site's navigation.

Weblinks are not web pages.
Unlike web pages, weblinks do not allow for body text or images to be added to them. Rather, weblinks are used to add a link within your site's navigation to: 

  • another page withihn your own site
  • a site or a page that exists outside of your parish website (e.g., your parish's festival website)

Weblinks are identified in your document tree by a chain icon displayed before the document id number.

In this article, you will learn how to create a weblink and apply it to your site. 

Creating a Weblink

1. Log in to your website manager. 

2. In the ​Action Menu​ above the document tree, select the ​New Weblink​ button .

EVO CMS Site Tree

You can also right-click on an existing resource and choose ​Create Weblink Here​.

3. Click on   , which will turn to   and you may then either: 

Click on a resource in the document tree to link to an internal page

Type a full URL to an external webpage

Click on the INSERT button at the end of the text field to link to a file.

4. Click ​the green Save+Continue button at the top of the page to commit the change to your website.

Advanced Editing

  1. For weblinks pointing to an external website: Just above the weblink field there is a field labeled Link Attributes. You may type target="_blank" in this field so that when the weblink is clicked it will open a new tab in the user's web browser.