Using the DocLister Snippet in Your EVO CMS Website

DocLister is a snippet in the EVO CMS that displays lists of resources (pages) within your parish website. Full documentation for DocLister can be found here:

To call DocLister on a page in your website, you would first make a snippet call by using double brackets


Next, you'll want to add parameters to customize the snippet:

[[DocLister? &display=`2` &parents=`31` &depth=`2` &tvList=`meta_image` &tpl=`newsTpl` &orderBy=`pub_date DESC`]]

Here's a breakdown of the parameters and what they do

  • &display = displays two items from the list
  • &parents= Resource number of the parent. This resource has the children resources that you want to make a list out of. In the below example (#1), the resource "Sermons" with the resource number 31 is the &parent.

  • &depth = how far down in the folder DocLister should be looking for content; in this example it looks down two levels. In the below example (#2), the depth is two because you need to go down 2 levels (Sermons (31) -> 2018 Sermons (32) to get to the sermons you want displayed.
  • &tvList = what to include in the list. In the example below, the associated "Meta Image" found in the SEO tab of the Resource you're editing

  • &tpl = a user-created chunk to format the content (in this case, newsTpl)
  • &orderBy = which parameter will the list be ordered. Including whether it should be in descening (DESC) or ascending (ASC) order.

Learn More

You can learn more about these parameters and more by reading the official documentation here. Additionally, here are examples and explanations of different options:

Here's an example of the DocListser snippet in use from You'll notice that this list corresponds with the snippet code and the EVO screenshots above. The DocLister snippet has aggregated all of the sub-pages under the "Sermons" menu item into a beautifully displayed list: