Adding, Editing, and Rearranging the Navigation of Your Website

Editing the Navigation for your website is easy, but if you haven't yet learned about the Site Resource Tree, take a look at this article before reading more. In the following examples, we'll show you multiple ways to edit the items in your site's navigation.

Adding a New Navigation Item

To add a new navigation item to your website, first check out this article. Once you've learned how to add new navigation items, you can come back here to learn how to edit and rearrange them.

Editing a Navigation Item

Check out this article to learn how to edit resources in EVO.

Rearranging Navigation Items

Once content has been added to your website, you may decide to re-order resources. This is useful for navigation elements (top navigation including drop-down menus or side navigation) as well as for bulleted lists created using the DocLister snippet or any other code snippet that utilizes the menu index for the sort order (see separate documentation for other snippets).

Drag and Drop

Resources can be re-ordered by dragging items up and down within the site tree.

In the example to the right, by dragging the “Sacraments” resource up, a red arrow appears between “Worship” and “Liturgy” indicating that it will be placed between those two resources.

Manually Modify Menu Order

Resources can also be re-ordered manually with the “Menu Index” field. This field contains a numerical value that can be Zero (0) or any positive integer. Resources are sorted using the Menu Index value in numerical order for your navigation and other parts of your site. Values do not have to be sequential. If two documents have the same value for menu index, these documents are then sub-sorted alphabetically.

For this example, we will reorder items to take the “New Visitor?” resource (that is currently last in our top navigation) and place it right before the “Our Parish” resource.

Edit the Resource and manually increase or decrease the Menu Index so it is sequentially between the two resources where you want this resource to appear.


In this example, we changed the Menu Index from 5 to 1 and saved it. Now, the resource appears earlier in the navigation after “Home” and before “Our Parish” (screenshot below).