Hosting Photos Online with Flickr ... and Some Alternatives

Should I Choose Flickr to Host my Photos?

For many years, the Department of Internet MInistries has recommended using to host and manage your online photo galleries. We have really liked Flickr over the years because of its functionality and ease of use. We also have code that allows it to easily integrate with the websites we host.  Though it is still a great option to consider, there are also many other services out there, and we recommend you determining which is right for you.

As of 2018, Flickr offers a free account which allows for you to upload 1,000 photos or video. For $49.99 / year, you can upgrade to their Pro account for unlimited storage. Non-profits may wish to apply for a free Pro account for Non-Profits:

What are the Alternatives?

There are certainly other photo services out there - some of which are free and some which also have an annual cost. The annual cost for Flickr is reasonable, and if you don't want to apply for the free non-profit discount, you can certainly check out other options. Here are a few articles which cover the pros and cons of what's out there:

The Department of Internet Ministries is happy to answer any questions you have, but we are not linked in any way to the Flickr service. It is your responsibility to upgrade your account or actively manage your Flickr account to meet these new requirements. 

Using Flickr - A Preview

Flickr really is easy to use. In this video, we cover Flickr, the image hosting website, and how to use it to seamlessly embed photos in your website with the EVO Content Management System. If you'd like to use Flickr with your website, please check out this tutorial: