Using an SMTP server for Website Forms

Many website feedback or contact forms use email functionality to send a message to the webmaster or another person associated with the website. In order to send this email, the message must pass be authenticated and pass through an SMTP server. 

Our current web hosting provider, Liquid Web, requires SMTP authentication for all web email forms (such as a contact us page, registration form, or password reset page) in order to guarantee delivery. In addition, this is a more secure and therefore better way to configure email anyway. Without SMTP authentication, delivery is not guaranteed and is unreliable.

Evolution CMS

All of our websites running Evolution CMS come standard with SMTP information out of the box. Any forms built within the EVO CMS will use this SMTP information.

Other Content Management Systems

If you are using Internet Ministries Website Hosting, you may use our SMTP account information. Please contact us, and we will work with you to get that set up on your website. If you are not using our web hosting, or if you would prefer to use a custom SMTP provider, please check out one of the following companies, each of whom offer both a free and a paid version of their service.