Archdiocese Conference Calling Policy

Communicating is an essential part of what we all do at the Archdiocese. We have many systems in place to help you communicate within your department.  
Make sure you are using the best and least costly option every time. 

Conference Calling

One critical system is audio conference calling.  You have four options to choose from:
  1. 6 PEOPLE OR LESS: Use the Archdiocese internal bridge, which is x444 from an internal phone or 646-519-6444 with your assigned department bridge.  This should be used for calls up to 6 people.  This costs the Archdiocese nothing to use.
  2. 1-25 PARTICIPANTS: If you are a Zoom Pro user, use Zoom. It does audio, video, or hybrid meetings with telephone and video conferencing users together. Our Zoom bridge allows up to 25 participants. It also has advanced features such as document sharing, white board, and more. We pay a one-time charge for this and it costs us nothing more to use this service—regardless of how big or how long meetings are.
  3. 7 OR MORE PARTICIPANTS: Use the Syntella conferencing for audio-only and if you're not a Zoom Pro user. This service will accommodate 7 or more participants and has no limit. This should be used for large conference calls (committees, etc.). This service costs the Archdiocese money every time we use it. Using the 800 number costs the Archdiocese almost double vs using the non-800 number.
  4. Google Hangouts: Commencing on June 26, Google Hangouts will now become integrated into our corporate email system. You'll be able to log into Google Hangouts with your GOARCH ID. This is another option for you to consider but lacks some of the capabilities of the other options.

Always Choose the Best but Cheapest Option

Each department should choose the best and cheapest option, taking into account the guidelines above.
As a rule of thumb:
  1. If you have a conference with 6 or less people, use the internal bridge
  2. If you have a telephone conference and you are a Zoom pro user, use Zoom—even if it is audio only.  Zoom provides for Internet calling as well.
  3. If you are not a Zoom pro user and/or have a large conference with more than 25 people, use Syntella.  

Policy Notice

Going forward, departments should cease using the 800 number option on the Syntella conference calling bridge.  If you have any concerns about this or special circumstances, please see the CFO discuss the matter.
I would please ask that you review the Syntella conferencing information previously provided to you.  You will notice both an 800 number and a non-800 number option for participants.  Because a majority of individuals today have cell phones or Internet-based telephones and no longer pay for long distance, we are going to eliminate the use of 800 numbers.  Therefore, going forward, please use the non-800 number only for Syntella conferencing calls. 
To be sure there is no confusion, in the coming days ahead, Abhishek will be re-sending you your departmental conference calling information without the 800 number.

Your Responsibility

Please use this information above to make the smartest and lowest-cost option for meetings. It is each Department's responsibility to refrain from setting up 800-based conference call meetings.   Only by working together can we be as efficient as possible.


We're here to help. If you have any questions or confusion, please ask the help desk at [email protected] or x525. We're happy to chat and help you make the best decision.
Over the years, we have taken great pains to provide all our co-workers with flexible options that will improve our communications capabilities while also lowering our costs.