Adding Audio to my Website

Maybe you have sermons, presentations, or chanting in an audio format that you'd like to share with visitors to your website. There are a couple ways you can go about this. Below are two suggestions, but if they don't work for you, we suggest doing your own research to find a service that does.

NOTE: While we think it's great to provide audio to your visitors, we don't suggest allowing audio to autoplay. Most website visitors find this annoying and many modern browsers are adding features to stop sound and video from playing automatically.

Method 1 -  Using a 3rd Party Service

Just like YouTube or Flickr for video and photos, there are many 3rd party services available where you can upload and store your audio files. These services will then give you nice HTML code to embed on your website.

Here's an example from a website called Soundcloud:

And here's how this looks on a webpage.

To learn more about how to embed HTML code on your EVO CMS site, check out this article.

Method 2 - Using the <audio> tag

HTML provides an audio tag. You can learn how to use it here. You'll have to first upload your audio to your website. If the audio files are large, you'll need to consider if you want to use cloud storage, like Amazon AWS, to store them.