Working with Comcast Spam Settings

Certain Comcast users may report that they are not able to receive emails sent from the Listserv. This may be a result of Comcast's strict default spam filtering rules. The good news is that it can be easily resolved. If you receive reports from any of your parishioners that they are not receiving emails from your Listserv, please pass these instructions along to them.

Part 1 - Modify Default Spam Filtering Rules

Start by loggin into your Comcast Email Account. Once Logged in, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Gear in the top right corner and then click on Settings
  2. Click on Mail -> Advanced Settings in the left column
  3. Under Spam Filtering, be sure "Save a copy of emails marked as spam" is checked

Comcast Spam Filtering Screenshot #1

Screenshot 1: Comcast's Email Settings


Your settings will automatically save. Finally, click on "Mail" in the main navigation to return to your email inbox.

Part 2 - Mark Emails as "Not Spam"

Once your email settings are updated (part 1 above), you should begin receiving email from the Listserv into your Spam folder. Next, you'll need to let your Comcast email account know to deliver these emails to your inbox. In your email Inbox, do the following:

  1. Click on your Spam folder
  2. Click on the email message from the Listserv that is there and click the button to indicate that it is "Not Spam" (looks like an envelope with a checkbox).
  3. There are additional steps (not pictured) that you can take, such as adding the Listserv email address to your Address Book and/or creating a rule to force the delivery of certain messages to your inbox. 

Comcast Spam Filtering Screenshot #2

Screenshot 2: Marking an Email as "Not Spam" in a Comcast Email Account