How Can We Add Online Donations to Our Parish Website?

Adding an online payment system to your website is a great way to allow parishioners and others to easily donate to your parish.

The general process for completing this task is as follows:

  • Research and decide on a donation service to use
  • Create an account with that service for your parish
  • Make use of the tools offered by your donation service to create an embeddable button or link
  • Embed the button or link on your site in the desired location

The Department of Internet Ministries does not provide services at this time for building online giving options. However, we do suggest that parishes take the time to find the right kind of online giving service that best serves its needs. There are many options out there and they all differ in what they offer. Which service you decide to use will depend on your needs.

Be aware of the fees associated with the system that your parish chooses 

Many services have transaction fees or monthly charges associated with them. Some have a lower percentage taken from each donation, others simply charge a flat fee for usage, while other are a combination of the two. 

Examples of parishes and how they accept donations

There are some parishes that simply post a button linked to their Paypal account. Others have a digital or printed pledge form to offer automated monthly donations, while still others utilize text or app-based donations and encourage their parishioners to use their smartphones when there is a special fundraiser to consider submitting their donation digitally right then and there.

Figure out what your parish is interested in, their must-haves, etc., which will begin to narrow down the list.

St. Mary - Cambridge, MA
eGive for parishioners and PayPal for one-time donations

St. Luke - Mooresville, NC
PayPal only

Holy Trinity - Phoenix, AZ
Online stewardship form, Online giving form, and a Standalone website to register

St. George - Phoenix, AZ
Uses PushPay with a Mobile App for donations)

Sts. Constantine & Helen - Cheyenne, WY
Uses JustGive

St. Katherine - Falls Church, VA
They have a giving kiosk in their narthex