How to Embed an IFrame or Block of Code

IFrames are useful blocks of code which allow Site Administrators to include code from third-party websites onto their website. Examples of iframes you may want to use are Google Calendar, Google Forms, YouTube or Vimeo Videos, and more.

To add an iframe to your Evolution CMS website, follow these simple instructions.

1) Get the Embed Code

Specific instructions for how to get the embed code should be available from the third-party site you are using or by performing a web search "How do I get the Embed Code for ...". 

2) Create a Chunk

Log into the Evolution CMS manager. Go to Elements -> Chunks and create a new chunk, which is just a block of code. Give the Chunk a Name (i.e. ParishCalendar or StewardshipGoogleForm), a Description, and a Category for organizational purposes only. Then, paste the Embed code in the body field. Save the Chunk.

3) Reference the Chunk

Go to the page where you want this new code to appear. In the body of the page, type the name of new chunk surrounded by two curly brackets, such as: {{MyChunkName}}. Save your page and preview it to ensure it is working properly.

NOTE: Some code may need to be modified to work for varying screen sizes (in both mobile and desktop browsers). If your code isn't working properly or you need further assistance, please contact the Department of Internet Ministries.