How do I add Google Analytics to my Website?

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google account.

Sign up for Google Analytics

1) If you already have a Google account, start by going to In the upper righthand corner, click the “Sign in to Analytics” button. If you don't have a Google account yet, you will be prompted to sign up for one for your parish. Once registered and signed in, move on to step 2.

2) On the next page, you will see three steps given to you. These include signing up for Google Analytics, adding the tracking code, and learning about your audience. On the right, click the "Sign up" button.

3) On the next page, fill out your Google Analytics preferences for your website, and then, at the bottom of the page, click “Get Tracking ID”.

4) Agree to the terms of service and your tracking script will appear within your new account. Once the analytics account is created, you can always access this information again by clicking on the Admin button (it looks like a gear) in the lower left corner) and then choosing ".js Tracking Info" in the middle of the page.

Google Analytics Admin Screen

Add Analytics Code to Your EVO website

Please Note: If you are not sure how to complete this part of the process, Internet Ministries is available to assist you.

  1. Open a new browser tab, and log into your website's EVO Manager.
  2. Go to Elements > Chunks. Click on New Chunk at the top.
  3. Give the Chunk a name, with no spaces (*You will need to use the exact name when pasting the name into the page templates in a moment). Example: GoogleAnalytics.
  4. Go back to the Google Analytics tab, and copy the entire analytics code.
  5. Go back to your EVO tab, and paste the entire analytics code into the "Chunk Code (html) field". Then save and close the EVO page.
  6. Within the lower tabs, (under Manage Elements), go to Chunks > Template Top.
  7. Look at the left-most side of the field of code. Find the </head> tag. Click to the left of it, then hit return, and type {{your chunk name here}}. For Example: {{GoogleAnalytics}}. Click Save and close.

That’s it! You should begin receiving information from your site soon!