Adding Social Media buttons to your Website Footer

In the footer of the website templates made by Internet Ministries is a set of links to Social Media sites. This article will show you how to add and remove buttons from that section of your site.

Site Footer Social Media LinksThese buttons may appear differently depending on the type of footer being used on your website and the width of the device you are using. 

To make changes to these buttons, first log into your Evolution (EVO) Content Management System.

Site Configuration Menu

1) In the top right corner click on the Settings button -> Configuration (Settings looks like a set of gears or cogs)

2) Under the Site tab, scroll to the bottom where you will see boxes for Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

3) Add the URL for your Social Media channels in the available boxes. If there is a Social Media channel you are using that is not list, please contact the Department of Internet Ministries.

4) When you are done, click Save in the top right corner.

Social Media Fields in Site Configuration