SSL Certificates for your Website

Free Auto-Installed Certificates for All Hosted Websites!

Beginning in Spring 2021, Internet Ministries is pleased to offer free SSL certificates for all hosted websites on the Liquid Web Cloud Servers platform. If your website is hosted with us but are not yet on this new hosting platform, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will migrate your site to our new server to take advantage of the free SSL certificate and other new features!

The free auto-installed, auto-renewing SSL certificate uses SHA-256 with RSA Encryption and is issued by Let’s Encrypt™.

Additional Options

if your needs exceed that available with the free SSL certificate, we are happy to work with you to install a custom certificate that you may purchase. Any SSL certificate that uses Apache+OpenSSL can be installed to websites on our hosting provider's servers.

CloudFlare is a Caching Service and DNS Host that also provides DDoS Protection and SSL. The basic features that come with the free plan (such as an SSL Certificate) are typically enough for parishes. To use the free CloudFlare plan, you must change your Name Servers so this option is only available to parishes with custom domain names.

If you need to purchase your own SSL Certificate, we will need to prove ownership of / association with the domain. During the purchase and set up process, we will be asked to send a confirmation email to one of the following email addresses: [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected], or [email protected]. The parish should have access to one of these accounts. If you do not, we will need to work with you to get that account set up before the SSL certificate is purchased.

Please contact the Department of Internet Ministries ([email protected]) for more information.