Getting Started with Flickr on my EVO Site

Flickr is a great photo hosting service available for you to use in conjunction with your parish website. Once set up, you can easily upload photos to Flickr and they will automatically appear on your parish website. 

Where to Begin

Begin by visiting to create your Flickr account. To learn more about using Flickr, including how to upload your photos, visit the Flickr Help Site.


Setting up Flickr to Work with Your Website

In order for your photos to automatically show up on your website, you will need to apply for an API key. It is a simple, but necessary, process. Here goes:

1) Visit and click on "Apply for a Non-Commercial Key"

2) Type in the information found in these boxes (you can copy it exactly, or you can modify it, but the boxes need to be filled in)

3) Copy and paste the API key into an email. You will be copying and pasting some other information in the next step, so don't send it until you have all the information that we need.

4) For Your User ID, go to the following address: . If you are signed in, you will see "Your user ID" in the top of the right column. Copy the user ID and paste it into the same email that you are assembling to send to us.

5) Go to your home screen within Flickr by going to and then clicking on "You", which is the first menu item. Your username is found below your name (#2 in the screenshot below). It is also the name that you sign in with. [email protected]. Copy the username and paste it into the same email that you are assembling to send to us.

Wrapping Things Up

Now that you have set up your API key, you will need to send us all of this information in an email to [email protected] !

The email should contain all of the items from the previous step:

  • API Key
  • User ID
  • Username

In addition, let us know where on your website you want the photogallery to be located. Optionally, you can send us your Flickr password to store in our database (We can pass it on to the next person in case someone leaves, as long as the person is authorized by the parish priest) or in case we need to log in to assist you with your account.

And that's it! Once we connect your Flickr account to your website, you will be able to simply add your pictures into Flickr and then organize them into Albums and Collections, and they will automatically show up on your website.