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Single Page Section

Single Page Sections are extra pages that are included as companions to your weekly bulletin. A Single Page Section can be created for any content you want to highlight in your Bulletin. This includes the weekly divine liturgy schedule, special announcements, list of memorials, and other important parish information that is best served on a single page.

How to add a Single Page Section in your weekly bulletin

  1. Navigate to Manage in the site menu at the top of the window and select Bulletin Archive from the drop down menu.
  2. From the left-hand margin, click Manage Active Bulletin
  3. Include a Single Page Section section in your bulletin by scrolling down to Add A New Section and click the Single Page Section button.
  4. In the popup window that appears, fill in the title field for your Single Page Section. You must also include a description, which will allow users to get an idea of what is included in your Single Page section before adding it to their own Bulletin.
  5. Use the Content area field to add any text/images you would like to your Single Page Section. You will notice the formatting controls on the bottom of the window, which will be familiar to anyone who has used a word processor. Once you have finished click Save
  6. Scroll back to the top of the window and click Return to your bulletin

Sharing your Single Page Section

Users may search for bulletins that have included content they want to share with other Bulletin Builder users and include them in their own weekly bulletins.

  1. Scroll to the top of the Single Page Section you want to Share, and click Share Section
  2. In the Share This Section window that pops up, select Share Across as your Share Type. This allows other Bulletin Builder users to select this content if they choose.

If you are an Organization Administrator, you will have the ability to choose Share Down which will add the Single Page section to all of the Bulletins that are part of your Organization.

  1. Set the Expiration date for the amount of weeks you would like your Single Page to be shared with others. If your event is happening within a week or two, make sure you don't set it to expire after the event is already over.
  2. Select all of the Keywords that apply, to make it easier for other users to find your Single Page.
  3. Click Share to make your Single Page Section visible to others.

Removing Single Page Sections from Your Bulletin

Remove a Single Page Section from your current bulletin to save it for another time.

  1. Click the Remove button at the top of your Single Page Section to remove the section from your current bulletin, and move it to the Add Available Content area of the Manage Bulletin Sections page.

Deleting a Single Page Section from Bulletin Builder

Deleting a Single Page Section from your current bulletin will remove that user-created Single Page Section completely from the Bulletin Builder website.

Note that Bulletins shared down or shared across to you can only be removed from your bulletin and not deleted.

  1. Click the Delete button at the top of your Single Page Section. Your Single Page Section will not be deleted until you confirm your decision in the pop up window.
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