Adding the Online Chapel to my Website

The Department of Internet Ministries offers the highly acclaimed Online Chapel as a snippet for your website: a self-updating list of the daily Epistle and Gospel readings and a list of daily commemorated Saints. The Online Chapel and Daily Readings suite of products is part of the Department of Internet Ministries’ ongoing project to digitize the Typikon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Please continue reading to learn how to integrate the Online Chapel into your website, based on the type of system you are using. 


Evolution CMS

All of our websites running Evolution CMS come standard with the Online Chapel integrated into the template. If for any reason you are having issues with your EVO site's Online Chapel snippet, please contact us.


The following plugin has been written for sites running WordPress to parse the Online Chapel XML feed:

This is not a supported product and the code hasn't been updated in several years, though we know of several parishes who are using it.


Other Content Management Systems

For users of other Content Management Systems, you will need to write custom code to parse the available feeds on our Online Chapel RSS feed page.