Purchasing a Domain Name

Owning a domain name is the starting place for creating a new website. Domain names are also used for email hosting and other web-based services. Domain names historically have ended in .org, .com, .net,, but there are now dozens of TLDs (top-level domains) that are used as suffixes in common domains names. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese uses goarch.org as its primary domain, but we also have greekorthodox.bible (one of the newer TLDs) and dozens of other domains. These names tell the browser, email client, and other web service where to find the requested content, where to route the email, and more!

Where to Purchase a Domain Name

You can purchase your own domain name to use with Internet Ministries web hosting through a Domain Name Registrar. Our favorites currently are:

On either of these sites (or any other Domain Name Registrar), you fill be able to search for and purchase your domain name. If the domain name you are hoping to purchase already exists, alternate options will be suggested to you. 

Domain names currently cost around $12-25/year. Sometimes, you will see higher prices ($1000 or more) for "premium" domains. Generally, these should be avoided unless you absolutely need one of these domains. Domains which have recently expired may get purchased by companies looking to make extra money and list those expired domains for premium prices.

Once your own domain name has been purchased, Internet Ministries will gladly help you set up your domain name on our web hosting service.

Please note: Domain Name Registrars often try to package a domain name together with web hosting. If you are using Internet Ministries web hosting, you do not need web hosting through your registrar. 

Free Option: Goarch Subdomain

For many years, we have offered free goarch.org subdomains to all Greek Orthodox Archdiocese parishes. If you choose to use this option, your domain name would be a combination of your patron saint, state, and goarch.org. For example, a parish called St. Sophia in Ohio would get stsophia.oh.goarch.org. 

Though we recommend parishes instead purchase a custom domain, this option is available to your parish if you so desire.

Please note: All Goarch subdomains must be used in conjunction with Internet Ministries Web Hosting.