Requesting a New Listserv Mailing List

For a new Listserv, please send the following information to [email protected]


1) The name of the list

It's a good idea to make this something short and descriptive, one or two words, no spaces, and something that identifies your parish or the purpose of the list. Ex: STGEORGEGOYA, STSCHNYC, CHICAGO-EDUCATION


2) Authorized Owners and Senders

Provide a list of names and email addresses for the people who are authorized to manage subscribers, send messages, and perform other admin functions.

3) Description

A description of the list in 1-2 sentences

4) The list of subscribers

You may send us a list of the subscribers in an Excel or text file (email is required, name is optional).
If you forget anything, we will follow up with you to ensure the list is set up properly.