Adding Embedded Media



Embedded Media is used in Articles to help display photos and videos in an attractive way. Using Embedded Media keeps all of our videos, audio recordings, and large images looking consistent throughout the site. Use Embedded Media whenever possible.

  • Edit or Add an Article. Scroll down to Embedded Media

  • Media Type: Select the media type you’ll be adding to the article. The selection here will determine what you place in the Source text box.
  • Source:
    • Lead Image - For large, horizontal images
      • Input a caption and copyright, if needed.
      • Under Image press Select.
      • If the image is already uploaded, navigate to the appropriate folder or search. Press Choose.
      • If not, press the Add button and upload and save the image in the appropriate folder. Fill out appropriate information for the image.
      • Then press Choose next to your uploaded image.

  • YouTube video - To showcase videos
    • Find the video on YouTube. In the address bar, the URL will look like this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozBzngFAFOY.
    • Copy the highlighted part; the last part after v=.

  • YouTube Playlist:
    • The URL will look like this: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbyQMR-_r8bJTrcWpWxSUPdJHdZJsq_zG.
    • Copy the highlighted part; the last part after list=.
  • Flickr Gallery (This is only for Flickr albums - not Sets or Collections).
    • In the address bar, the URL will look like this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goarch/albums/72157680460829325
    • Copy the highlighted part after /albums/

  • Caption: A brief description of the media.
  • Copyright: Give appropriate attribution, if needed.
  • Image: This is used for Lead Images.
  • Media Location: If you want to place the media at the top or bottom of an article.

You can add multiple embedded media types, by pressing the plus + button in the upper right corner of the embedded media section.