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Archdiocese Knowledge Base Wiki #

Welcome and Introduction #

Welcome to the Archdiocesan Wiki knowledge base.  We have developed this resource to help us use each other's knowledge as a common resource.  Think of this as the Archdiocese's Wikipedia.  Staff are encouraged to contribute.  Contact the IT Department and we will give you editor access to the Wiki.

You can subscribe to the Wiki with an RSS reader or subscribe to specific topics and get notified when any updates are made.

Below you will find various topics and articles that you can reference or just use the search feature above to search for topics.

The Basics #

Online Staff Directory: #

Looking for someone's telephone number, extension, or email?  Check out the online staff directory by clicking here.

Reservations Calendar: 2nd Floor Conference Room and Chapel #

The 2nd floor conference room in building 8 and the Chapel in building 10 are in frequent use.  Check the online calendars to see if they are in use by clicking here.  You can reserve the 2nd floor conference room through your Zimbra calendar.  

Request assistance from IT Helpdesk for technical issues #

For technical issues, IT helpdesk can be contacted by creating a ticket, by emailing and by telephone. To create a ticket, log in to the helpdesk portal at and fill out the form. Another way of creating a helpdesk ticket is by emailing to [email protected]. In case of emergencies, when computers are completely down, please call the helpdesk line on 212-774-0525.

Topics in the Knowledge Base #

Copyrights and permissions (articles, icons, graphics, photos) #

Learn about the basics of copyright law that all staff need to know as well as general guidelines of what you can and cannot use.  Don't use anything until you read this.  Go to the copyrights and permissions section in the wiki.

Listserv (our high performance email mailing list software) #

Listserv is our high performance email mailing list software package.  It's used by many departments and hundreds of parishes.  Go to the Lisetserv section in the wiki.

Remote Access #

The Archdiocese has a powerful, yet easy-to-use remote access system that gives you full access to all your files on the network.  The remote access system works with any web browser--including mobile devices.

Telephone and Voicemail System #

From how to setup your voicemail to transferring calls to conference calling, everything you need to know about our high-performance telephone and voicemail system is located here.  Go to the telephone and voicemail section in the wiki.

Zimbra Collaboration System (email, calendaring, contacts) #

Zimbra is a powerful groupware collaboration software package that combines email, calendaring, contact management, document sharing and more.   Learn different aspects of the system including how to setup zimbra with your mobile device in our wiki section.  Go to the Zimbra section in the wiki.

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