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Conferencing System

We have two different conferencing system for Greek Archdiocese users.  Please use the appropriate conferencing system.  

The in-house conferencing system does not cost the Archdiocese any per minute charges.  The large volume conferencing system is expensive to use and costs the Archdiocese for each caller per minute plus toll free charges.

In-House Conferencing System: For up to 6 concurrent callers #

  • For a small conference for upto 2-6 users, please use the In-house conferencing system.  
  • Each department has been given an access code for the system.
  • To use the audio conferencing system from an Archdiocesan phone, simply dial x444 followed by the passcode.
  • From outside the Archdiocese call 646-519-6444 then enter the passcode when prompted.

Large volume Conferencing system: For 7-35 concurrent callers #

  • For a larger conference calls use our 800-conferencing service by Syntella.
  • Each department has been given a toll-free number and access code.  Please disseminate these to your callers
  • To use the audio conferencing system, you, as the moderator must dial the special number plus your access code to begin the call.  Unless you call in as the moderator, the conference call will not start and all users will be on hold.
  • If you do not have your department's conference calling information, please contact the IT Department..
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