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Copyrights and Usage of Articles, Images, and Graphics

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This section covers general copyrights information before departments engage in any projects and also covers copyright usage of material in the Archdiocese.

General Overview #

What is Protected by Copyright? #

As a general rule, all Departments are not allowed to use anything available on either the Archdiocese web site or in archdiocesan publications for other projects.  Here is a snapshot of what you need to know:

How do I get Copyright Permission? #

Copyright permission must be received in writing using a designated form from the Archdiocese.  An email from someone saying "you can use XYZ" is no longer sufficient according to our Archdiocesan standards.  

Kinds of Content You Need to be Aware of #

Articles #

Articles on the Archdiocese web site are copyrighted.  Generally speaking, they cannot be used for any other department.  Normally the author and/or copyright holder is listed on every article.  Please check with the Department of Internet Ministries before using any article from the web site.

Icons #

Icons on the Archdiocesan web site are copyrighted and cannot be used for any other publication.  The only exception is iconography by Athanasios (Tom) Clark, who has granted permission for the Archdiocese to use his iconography across multiple mediums.  Please check with the Department of Internet Ministries before using any icon.

Lives of the Saints #

All lives of the saints on the Archdiocese web site are protected by copyright and cannot be used under any circumstances by other departments.  The license is restricted to the Archdiocese web site, Online chapel snippets, iconograms, and mobile applications.  Any department wishing to use the lives of the saints in any manner must receive written permission from the copyright holder.  Please contact Internet Ministries for additional information on who you need to contact.

Photos #

All photos on the web site are subject to copyright and cannot be used anywhere else.  The Archdiocese also does not own the usage rights or copyright to photos taken by Dimitri Panagos.  Do not use any photographs that appear on the Archdiocese web site or in the Orthodox Observer for any other project.  You must get permission beforehand.

Videos and Movies #

All video content is copyright protected without any exception.  Contact GOTelecom before using or distributing any video material.

Suggestions by Staff on Recommended Items to Cover: #

  • FAIR USE: I think we need to have some details in laymen terms about what fair use is and details about things that aren't under copyright (like some icon images painted before a certain time).
  • Description of Process: We need information on the process for getting approval the form that is being created for people to sign should have several check boxes-- okay to use for this department, okay to use Archdiocese wide, okay to use for this publication and instance only, okay to use on web, in digital transmission-- listserv, in publication, etc.... Then have a place for them to write the verbiage they want written acknowledging their permission.
  • Publisher Policies: We need to have a place to post know publisher policies. For example Thomas Nelson or American Bible Society's policy, Holy Cross Press policy and permission statement, Tom Clark-- verbiage to put when using his icons. If anyone contacts someone to use something and the copyright holder give permission for Archdiocese wide use, it should be posted in the section with the needed information for credits. It would also be a good place to put contacts-- if you are calling Light and life contact Patty at this number, Paulist Press--- so and so.
  • Where to go for Questions: Troubleshooting question box-- perhaps if  questions come up they can be filtered to someone like Aimee or Tony to research.
  • Various Policies: In addition to the categories you have we need to address: Website policies, Listserv policies, prayers, hymns and services, bible quotes
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