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How do I share my calendar?

You can share your calendar with the following:

•  Internal users or groups.  You select the type of privileges to grant, either:

•  Viewer. The Grantee can see the activities posted to your calendar and the status of meeting requests, but cannot make any changes to your calendar.

•  Manager. The Grantee has full permission to create meetings, accept or decline invitations, and edit and delete activities from your calendar.

•  None is an option to temporarily disable access to a grantor's shared calendar without revoking the share privileges. The Grantee still has the calendar in their calendar list but cannot view or manage activities on the grantor's shared calendar.

•  External guests. You create a password to access the shared calendar. Guests must enter this password to view the calendar. They cannot make changes to the calendar.

•  Public. Anyone who knows the URL to the shared calendar can view it. They cannot make any changes to the calendar.

Click here for a demonstration of How do I share my calendar?

To share a calendar:

1. Click the Calendar tab.

2. Right-click on the calendar you want to share and select Share Calendar.

  The Share Properties dialog appears.

  3. Select a Share with option using the radio buttons.

•  Internal users or groups. Choose addresses from the list that appears as you type or type addresses that are not in the list. The user or group must be a valid address in your company's mail directory.

•  External guests. Enter the guest email address(es), and enter the password that users must enter to view your calendar.

•  Public. Anyone who has the URL can access your calendar. No password is required.

4. Type the email address(es) for the user with whom you want to share in the Email field. You can enter more than one address in the Email field, using a semi-colon (;) between addresses.

5. Select the access permissions in the Role area.

6. Select which type of message to send in the Message area. This message will be sent to each address you typed into the Email field.

  The Message options are:

•  Do not send mail about this share. No notification message is sent.

•  Send standard message. The standard share notification message is sent to the email address(es).  

•  Add a note to standard message. You can add additional information to the standard message.

•  Compose email in new window. Opens the notification message in a separate compose window.

7. Click OK.

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