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How to Request a LISTSERV Setup

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To request a LISTSERV setup, please answer the questions below in an email to [email protected] include your Full name, email address and contact telephone number.   

1. The name of the list (the name should be no more than 20 letters in length and there should be no spaces in the list name).
Please keep in mind
the address of your list will be where "listname" is the name of your list.   

2. The type of list for sending.
      - announcement only (only editors may post messages)
      - discussion (all subscribers may post, etc).

3. The type of list for subscription.
      - open with user confirmation
      - by owner (only owner may add new subscribers)    

4. The person(s) who are the owner(s) of the list with their email address.

5. The person(s) authorized to post to the list with their email addresses.

6. A Description of the list in 12 words or less.

7. A Welcome message to new subscribers who join the list (can be one sentence to a full page in length).

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