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General Information on High Speed Copier/Printer/Scanners #

The high-capacity and high volume copier/printer/scanners in the Archdiocese are currently units by Konica.  All units generally have the ability for traditional copies, multi-paper copies from an auto-document feeder, traditional printing capabilities from the network, and color scanning from the unit to the Archdiocesan network or scan to email.

Copier Printer Locations #

Building 8 #

  • Basement: Fastest copier printer in the entire Archdiocese.  All high-volume and high-capacity jobs should use this printer.  This printer is also equipped with a special finisher that will fold, collate, and staple material into booklets.  
  • 2nd Floor: Color copiers in both the Archons and Administration Offices.  These network copier-printers are restricted for use by those specific offices.  If your department has need for color copies or printers and you wish to use one of these units, please see the respective office.
  • 3rd Floor:  B&W copier for use by offices on the 3rd and 4th floors.  
  • 5th Floor:Color copier for use by the Observer for color proofing of the Observer and also for use by offices on the 5th and 6th floors.  Offices other than the Observer are asked to print in B&W to save on copy costs.

Building 10 #

  • Basement: Coper/Scanner/printer is restricted for use by the Archives Department.
  • 3rd Floor: Color copier/scanner/printer/fax.  This unit is the only unit that contains a fax module.  This unit is restricted to the Archbishop's Office use.
  • 4th Floor: Located in the Chancellor's Office, this is the general copier for use by offices on the 4th and 5th floor in building 10.
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