Special Pricing for Parishes for Zoom Licensing

The Zoom Meeting and Webinar platforms offer similar features and functionality but have some key differences. 

Zoom Meeting

Meetings are designed to be a collaborative event with all participants being able to screen share, turn on their video and audio, and see who else is in attendance.

We have negotiated a special rate with Zoom for parishes of the Archdiocese for $100 per year per license for meetings of up to 300 participants. If you would like to take advantage of this special rate, please fill out this online request form:

Online Request Form (Powered by Office 365)


Once you've filled out the form, you'll pay for the account here:


Both steps need to be done in order for us to set up the account for you.

Zoom Webinar

Webinars are designed so that the host and any designated panelists can share their video, audio and screen. Webinars allow view-only attendees. They have the ability to interact via Q&A, Chat, and answering polling questions. The host can also unmute the attendees. Attendees in webinars, can not rename themselves as well. 

For those parishes who would like to to upgrade their account to offer Webinars, we have two options available:

1) Webinar 100 - $400 / year per license
2) Webinar 500 - $1,400 / year per license
3) Webinar 1000 - $2,300 / year per license

For a comparison of the Zoom Meeting and Webinar licenses, please see the following article:


Zoom Learning Center

The Zoom Learning Center is a free platform that educates and empowers Zoom customers and users to confidently use Zoom through a series of short, on-demand online courses and videos. The Learning Center currently offers courses on Meetings, Webinar, Phone, Rooms, and Events, and will be continuously enhanced and updated with the launch of new features and products. There will be something for users to learn at every stage of their journey on Zoom. 

To get started with the Learning Center, click the button below.



Zoom Safety

Zoom is quickly becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, some people are using this fact to try to cause problems and harm using a technique that is referred to as "Zoom Bombing". This is not hacking in the traditional sense, but is instead the process of bad actors connecting to open meetings which have not been properly secured. You can learn more about tightening security in Zoom and keeping your meetings safe in the following article by PCMag:


Zoom - Issues with Logging in

For those with a Zoom account through the Archdiocese, if you have trouble logging in, please try the following:

Go to zoom.us (make sure it is that and NOT goarch.zoom.us) and click "Sign In" in the top right corner. On the next page, you have a few options:

  • to reset your password, click "Forgot password". 

  • to log in with a Google account, click on "Sign in with Google" 

  • to log in with a Facebook account, click on "Sign in with Google"

For the last two options (Google or Facebook), that account must be the same email address you are using for Zoom. Do not use the SSO (Single Sign-On) option. If you try going to goarch.zoom.us, you will be redirected to the Archdiocese's (SSO) single sign on page (Okta). DO NOT try to sign in there.

If you continue to have trouble logging in, please contact the Department of Internet Ministries.