Creating a Listserv Subscription Page for a Website

If you're using the GOARCH Listserv service, you can add a form to your website to allow users to sign up. Below are two ways to accomplish this task.

Using GOARCH's Provided EVO CMS

The EVO CMS has a custom code snippet to allow you to quickly add a Listserv signup form anywhere on your website.

To accomplish this task, you'll need to:

Now you're all set to copy and paste the below code snippet into your website. Afterwards, you'll need to make customizations to ensure everything works properly.

[!Listserv? &lists=`YOUR_LIST_NAME%%Your List Title%%Your List Description` &formLayout=`simple` &recaptchaSiteKey=`your_recaptcha_site_key` &recaptchaSecretKey=`your_recaptcha_secret_key`!]


  • &lists - Tells the system which list to add a subscriber to
    • YOUR_LIST_NAME - Only the first part of the list name is required. So, if your listserv name is [email protected], you would only add in ANNUNCIATION
    • Your List Title - Replace Your List Title with the title of your list, like Annunciation ListServ
    • Your List Description - Replace Your List Description with a list description like Annunciation News and Events
  • &recaptchaSiteKey - replace your_recaptcha_site_key with the reCAPTCHA Site Key copied from the reCAPTCHA site.
  • &recaptchaSecretKey- replace your_recaptcha_secret_key with the reCAPTCHA Secret Key copied from the reCAPTCHA site.

WARNING: Replace only the text listed above, if you delete anything extra like a quotation ( ` ) or ampersand ( & ) or a percent ( % ) your snippet will not work.

Using Another Hosting Provider

If you are using the Listserv you can allow new users to subscribe to a List while also allow subscribers to un-subscribe themselves from a list through a web interface.

In order for this to work, your List needs to be an open subscription which means potential subscribers can add themselves to a list (these are the most common types of mailing lists for parishes.) To Check if the subscription is open or closed, please:

  1. Log into the Listserv.
  2. Once at the List Dashboard, any of the lists that you maintain will be displayed in the main body of your page. Click on the [Configure] link for the specified list. To the right, you will find the parameters that make up your List. Look for '* Subscription=' which should either be set to closed or opened. If the subscription is set to open, continue to step# 3. If '* Subscription=closed' click on the Edit Manually link and replace ‘closed’ with ‘open’ and hit save. Once the list has been set to open, you are now ready to create the link that can be added to your website.
  3. Please have the LISTNAME (in all caps) and parish website address. Enter this infromation in the following link: Example, if the parish list is called CHURCHNEWS and the website is, the subscribtion link will be:
  4. Once this information in the link has been updated, you are ready to add the link to your website. We also have free downloadable buttons that can be added to any site.