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What is Listserv?

The term Listserv is kind of like the term Kleenex or Xerox. They are both brand names that have come to substitute for the original name of their products. Listserv is a trademarked name owned by a company that provides Electronic Mailing Lists. There are many different companies that provide these email lists (e.g. Listserv, Mailchimp, Constant Contact).

Listserv sets the standard for e-mail list management software. It allows users to create and maintain e-mail lists on the Internet. List sizes can range from a few participants in a discussion group to several million in a newsletter. LISTSERV is renowned for its flexibility, scalability and time-tested performance. Utilizing this software, we are able to give every parish a number of free listserv accounts. A member may join or leave the list whenever he or she wants. The personal e-mail addresses of the individual list members are protected and kept confidential. The list messages are automatically turned into searchable web archives every time e-mail is sent out.

Best Practices

A listserv should always be used when someone is sending an email to 20+ recipients. Most people don't know this, but sending out too many large group emails from your personal email accounts can actually result in your emails being marked as spam. This may prevent your emails - even emails sent to only one recipient - from making their way through.


Email group lists are an essential tool for communication with your parishioners and supporters of your organization. GOA parishes can request up to 5 lists for free.
Getting Started
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