Deleting Subscribers from Listserv

Listserv Owners may occasionally need to delete one or more subscribers from their list. To do so, first you will need to log in to the Listserv Management website. Instructions for this can be found here:

1) Once logged in, under List Management, click on "Subscriber Reports". 

2) You may want to adjust the number of subscribers that appear on the page. If you plan to delete all of your subscribers, you can adjust the "Lines per Page" setting to be a number larger than the total number of subscribers on your list (ex. 10000). Then, click Update. 

3) If you plan to delete all of your subscribers, click "Check All". If you would only like to delete a selection of subscribers, click the checkbox next to each subscriber to be deleted.

4) Click "Delete Subscribers"

If you plan to import a new list of subscribers next, instructions can be found here: