Checking the List Activity Reports Page

Within the Listserv Management interface, there is a section called List Activity Reports where you can find information about subscription, message deliveries, message failures, and more. For some, if a message is sent to the Listserv, but has disappeared and never got delivered, it's possible it was flagged as containing a virus. If so, it will be reported here.
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Message Approval Workflow for Moderated Lists

One of the advanced features within Listserv is the ability to have a moderated list with multiple layers of approval. These lists will have one or more individuals listed as a moderator, and one or more individuals authorized to send a message that will be approved by the moderator(s) before it is ultimately distributed to the list.
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Confirmation Message with Yahoo!-based Email Systems

Yahoo!, and Yahoo! based mail systems such as AOL and AT&T, are currently not properly displaying the contents of confirmation emails.
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Requesting a New Listserv Mailing List

For a new Listserv, please send the following information to [email protected]: 1) The name of the list It's a good idea to make this something short and descriptive, one or two words, no spaces, and something that identifies your parish or the purpose of the list. Ex: STGEORGEGOYA, STSCHNYC, CHICAGO-EDUCATION 2) Authorized Owners and Senders Provide a list of names and email addresses for the people who are authorized to manage subscribers, send messages, and perform other admin functions. 3) Description A description of the list in 1-2 sentences 4) The list of subscribers You may send us a list of the subscribers in an Excel or text file (email is required, name is optional). If you forget anything, we will follow up with you to ensure the list is set up properly.
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Reviewing the Lists to Which You Are Subscribed

An individual may wish to see the lists to which he or she is subscribed. This is done through the Listserv Management website.
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Create or Reset your Listserv Password

List Owners are able to log into the Listserv Dashboard to manage their lists. To create or reset a password, follow these simple instructions.
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Managing your Listserv Subscribers

Through the Listserv Management Website, you are able to add and remove subscribers to your list, both individually and in bulk.
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Deleting Subscribers from Listserv

Listserv Owners may occasionally need to delete one or more subscribers from their list.
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Working with Comcast Spam Settings

Certain Comcast users may report that they are not able to receive emails sent from the Listserv. This may be a result of Comcast's strict default spam filtering rules. The good news is that it can be easily resolved.
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User Account Not Receiving Listserv Emails

Three of the most common reasons people don't receive listserv emails are detailed below. If, after reading through this, the issue is not resolved, please email [email protected] for support. User is not a subscriber to the listserv. Many people have multiple email addresses and may have forgotten that they signed up for a listserv with an older email address. To quickly check if an email address is subscribed to the list, check out this article. Email is going to spam. Have a subscriber check their Spam/Junk folders to ensure your parish listservs aren't being sent there. For Comcast users, you may need to follow additional instructions. I'm a Sender of a list but am not receiving emails once they're posted to the listserv. By default, Listserv doesn't allow posts to go to Sender emails even if they're subscribed to the list. To change this default setting, have a List Owner log into Listserv and navigate to List Management -> Subscriber Management. Under "Examine or Delete Subscription" input the Sender's email address and press Search. Under the list of options in the Acknowledgements section, select "Receive copy of own postings." Press Save .
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Exporting List of Addresses within Listserv

First, you will need to log in to the Listserv Management website. Instructions for this can be found here: 1) Once logged in, under List Management, click on "Subscriber Reports" 2) Under Report Format, choose "CSV Format" and click Update. A comma separated version file will be created which can be used within Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or another program which reads CSV files.
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Using the List Moderation to Approve a Message

Occasionally, the confirmation message may not be delivered, in which case it is useful to know how to access the List Moderation queue to approve or reject messages directly on the Listserv Management website.
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Accessing the Listserv Management Website

If you are the owner of a Listserv list, you can log into the Listserv Management Website to configure the list, add and remove subscribers, edit message templates, and more.
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Confirming Messages from the Listserv

Many lists within the Listserv are configured to require a confirmation approval by the sender before the message gets distributed. This is an important safety check to ensure the sender intends to send the message. This process also gives the sender an opportunity to review the message for any corrections.
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Outlook Online's Link Preview Feature

For most Listserv lists, there is a security feature where list editors will need to approve a message with a confirmation link that gets emailed back to the sender after the initial message is sent. With most email clients, this feature works well. For users of Outlook 365 / Outlook online, there is an additional security feature that they offer called Link Preview which conflicts with the Listserv's confirmation security feature. Link Preview automatically opens up all emails to links in your emails. The reason for this feature is in case there are any malicious links, Outlook will catch them before you click on them. The downside is that when you have a link such as the Listserv confirmation, the Link Preview feature causes the confirmation to be accepted automatically. Here is more information about this feature and how to disable it: Because of the known benefit of such as feature, we cannot endorse disabling this feature without first expressing the potential consequences that such a change may open up for unsuspecting users who may be prone to clicking on malicious links in emails. Always proceed with caution!
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