Constant Contact

Constant Contact and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Department of Internet Ministries have partnered to help parish leaders enhance your digital communications and grow your ministry.

Constant Contact’s email and digital marketing tools can help you better communicate with your parishioners and community. Share bulletins, announcements, program updates, events, holiday schedules, and much more.

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Constant Contact Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions

The Archdiocese has partnered with Constant Contact, the industry leader in email and digital marketing. We are excited to be able to provide this valuable product to each Metropolis and parish of the Archdiocese to enhance your digital communications and ministry for FREE!


A) Things to know before you sign up for Constant Contact


Q: What are some examples of how I can use Constant Contact’s tools?

Constant Contact’s email and digital marketing tools can help you: 

  • Organize your communications calendar
  • Manage your contacts & groups
  • Send targeted emails to your parishioners and community 
  • Broadcast your message on your social platforms, with just one click 
  • Understand what your audience engages with and responds to

The more your local community knows about your parish services, programs, and events - the more they will engage with your ministry! 

Q: When and How Can We Get Started?

Today! If you are interested in using Constant Contact for your parish or have any specific questions, please email us at [email protected] to begin!

Q: Is this really free?

Yes! Each Metropolis and parish is eligible for a free account on either the Core or Plus plan of Constant Contact at least through December 2024. At that time, we will evaluate the program based on several factors and decide whether to continue to offer free accounts or charge a nominal fee to cover our fixed costs.

Because of the Partner Program, our costs per account are fixed and we can offer one free account for each GOA parish and each GOA Metropolis. Currently, we are not able to provide multiple accounts to parishes or to other affiliated organizations.

Q: What is the Difference Between Core and Plus?

The Core plan allows up to 5 login accounts and includes the majority of Constant Contact’s feature set for email and social marketing.

The Plus plan allows for unlimited login accounts and gives users access to more list growth tools, automated emails, and additional insights.

We will start every new account on the Core Plan. If it is determined that the parish will need to upgrade to the Plus Plan, the Internet Ministries team can facilitate that on behalf of the parish.

To see a full list of the differences between these two plans, visit

Q: What Tools are available through Constant Contact?

In addition to the standard email marketing tools for sending email messages to your parishioners, there are many other great tools available to Constant Contact users. You can learn about these other tools at


B) If You Are Already Using Constant Contact:


Q: How do I set up the DNS Records so that my messages appear to come from my email address instead of

Please read the following articles about how to set up DNS records.


Contact us with any additional questions.

Q: I am already paying for a Constant Contact Account. How do I switch to the free account?

You can make the switch today! Send an email to [email protected] and let us know the name of your parish along with the username and email address associated with your account. We will then make the switch behind the scenes, and you will no longer get billed directly. Everything else in your account will operate the same.

The accounts for any participating parishes will technically be sub-accounts as part of the Archdiocese master account. The Archdiocese will only use this access for technical support issues. You will hold full autonomy on your list of subscribers, and the Archdiocese will never send a message, export, or modify this data without your express permission.

Q: I tried to use Constant Contact but Decided it wasn’t right for us. What now?

If you created an account with our Partner Program but decided it wasn’t right for your parish, please send us an email to [email protected] so we can deactivate your account.


C) Switching from Listserv or MailChimp:


Q: I currently use Listserv to handle email communication with my parishioners. How can I begin using Constant Contact instead?

If you are a Listserv user, we encourage you to make the switch to start using Constant Contact. Though we do not have immediate plans to shut down Listserv, our long-term strategy is to eventually do so, likely within the next two years.

There is an important difference between Listserv and Constant Contact. In Listserv, messages were composed and sent out via the List manager’s email inbox. In Constant Contact, however, all messages are composed and sent via web interface on the Constant Contact website or via the Constant Contact Mobile App. For some, this is a welcome change, while for others, it may take some time to adjust. Our team and the Constant Contact support team are both available to ensure this transition is successful and painless for you.

Most lists within Listserv will transfer seamlessly into Constant Contact. Some lists within Listserv, however, are discussion-based or semi-moderated lists, utilizing features that do not exist within Constant Contact. Our recommendation is for those types of lists to remain in Listserv for the time being.

Q: I really like Listserv and I'd like to stick with it. Could you explain what makes Constant Contact better?

Listserv has served the Archdiocese and its parishes very well for many years. We have enjoyed using it very much. There are some really great features that Constant Contact offers, and we think it will help you be more effective and informed in your ministry and digital communications. Often times, there's not a perfect solution, as different products have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the key pros and cons of the two systems:
  Listserv Constant Contact (CC) Advantage
Sending Messages Very easy. Just compose and send via email Log into CC, create campaign, design email, schedule and send. Not difficult, but definitely a few more steps. Listserv
Integration with Bulletin Builder Active and works! Not available yet. We still need to build out an integration to work with Bulletin Builder Listserv
Design and Layout Limited options, not very intuitive Dozens of templates, easy to use editor CC
Reporting and Analytics none see Opens, Clicks, and more CC
Automation none Automate follow-up emails and more CC
Tech Support Limited availability Phone and Live Chat Support Available, in addition to a wealth of videos and knowledge base articles CC
Reliability Recent unexplained outages Committed to Uptime CC
Growth Aging product with minimal updates Continually updating product CC
Additional Features none Several additional products including ecommerce, event management, social media management, etc. CC
Integrations none API which has been used by hundreds of other products to create connectors for 3rd party integration and automation CC

Q: I am currently using MailChimp (or another product) for my email marketing solution. Should I switch to Constant Contact?

This decision is totally up to you. MailChimp offers a free version of their product which is great for smaller parishes who only send out messages once or twice a week. In some cases, it makes sense to remain using MailChimp, whether you are on the free or a paid plan. It really depends on your situation and needs. Constant Contact has provided a comparison chart between the two platforms. You are welcome to sign up and try it out. Either way, let us know your feedback at [email protected] .