How to Create a Private Page for a Department

Private department pages (Department Portals) give departments an easy way to see recently edited articles, upload new images and files, and quickly access important pages.

Each Department Portal is only visible to the people within that department. This is because view permissions are given to certain roles that are then associated with corresponding Active Directory groups. The nice part about this feature is that once the Department Portal and appropriate permissions are set up, not much more maintenance needs to be done, since new employees are placed in department Active Directory groups by IT.

Instructions below are for new Department Portals and assumes you have the correct Portal or Site Aministrator access:

  1. Log in to via the app in Okta.
  2. Click on the gear on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  3. Press the arrow next to Admin. Then select Control Panel.
  4. Under Users select Roles.
  5. Click Add then Site Role
  6. Create a new role. The naming convention in the past has been [department name]-role. Ex. familycare-role, communications-role. Save.
  7. Go back to the home page, click the Gear again, under Admin select Users.
  8. Click on Site Memberships
  9.  Click the tab User Groups, then in the search bar, type the name of the Active Directory group associated with this department.
  10. Once you find the department, click Actions then Assign Site Roles.
  11. Search for the newly created role.
  12. Click the checkbox next to it, then click Update Associations
  13. Afterwards, under User Group you will see the newly associated role with the group.
  14. Now, you need to create the Department Portal. In the Site's Control Panel, click on Pages then Site Pages.
  15. Click on Private Pages
    • ​​
  16. Then Add Child Page.
  17. Create the page for the Department's portal by giving it an appropriate name, editing the friendly URL if needed, and selecting a layout. Save.
  18. To save some time, you can copy over layouts and portlets from other departments by clicking Copy Applications and selecting a department to copy.
  19. Now click Permissions.
  20. To ensure other departments can't access this page, uncheck all of the checkboxes next to "Site Member." (Note, this still gives Portal and Site Admins access to the page).
  21. Scoll down to find the role that you created before. Click the checkbox to give the role "View" access. Save.
  22. Now you can navigate to your new page and update all of the portlets to ensure they're pulling in the correct department information. Once that's finished, the department can begin accessing their Department Portlet.