Sunsetting of Zoom Licenses for Parishes Program

The Department of Internet Ministries has offered discounted Zoom licenses to parishes since March 2020 to assist parishes in the face of communications challenges at the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. At that time and through mid-2023, the Archdiocese benefited from a strong discount offered by Zoom, allowing us to pass on a 60% discount for the Zoom Corporate license of $240 to parishes for only $100. In October 2023, Zoom stopped offering this discount and the decision was made to cancel this program. Parishes will have until December 31, 2023 to decide whether to pay for their license(s) on their own or cancel their license altogether. 

New Pricing Options for Parishes

Going forward, pricing options are as follows: 

  • Basic: Free!
  • Pro: $150 / year or $15.99 / month per license
  • TechSoup Discounts: 50% off per license after annual $18 admin fee
  • Other Discounts: There are coupon codes available on the internet for lesser discounts

Participating parishes may certainly pay on their own for their Zoom license(s) at the prices available directly from Zoom. See for more information. Should you wish to continue using Zoom or explore alternative solutions, we are here to support you in this process. 

What Action Do Parishes Need to Take?

We are asking parishes to contact us by Wednesday, November 22nd to let us know whether they plan on continuing to use Zoom or not. 

  • If you choose to continue with a Pro or Business Zoom license, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions and guidance to migrate your account and billing. 
  • If you no longer want to pay for a Zoom license, we can either delete your license altogether or convert it to the Basic (Free) plan. 

What Happens on December 31, 2023 (or if I do not respond)? 

  • All remaining Zoom licenses will be disconnected from the Archdiocese master account. 
  • Your account will be reverted to the Basic (free) plan. 
  • You will no longer receive invoices from the Archdiocese for Zoom. 
  • You will be responsible for managing the account and choosing whether to convert it to a paid plan. 

This program was one of many tangible ways in which the Archdiocese supports our parishes. During the program's tenure, over 25% of parishes actively participated, collectively benefiting from over $80,000 in cost savings. We are continually mindful of the services we offer, with the understanding that we cannot extend every initiative indefinitely.