Privacy and Legal Considerations with Live Streaming

The following articles cover important Privacy and Legal issues that are worth considering as you venture into the world of Live Streaming at your parish:


Be Safe, Not Sorry When Live Streaming Your Worship Services

Sharing your worship services with a larger audience is easier than ever, thanks to live streaming. You can reach people who don’t attend your church, those who prefer an online faith community and members of your congregation who are traveling, ill or home-bound. While live streaming worship services is relatively new, videotaping is not. Many of the same concerns relating to video recordings – privacy and copyrighted content, in particular – apply to live streaming as well. If you currently live stream your church’s worship services, or are thinking about it, keep these considerations in mind. Read More »


4 Webcasting Rules for Your Online Church Services

Webcasting offers churches and ministries a dynamic vehicle to communicate with their congregations and reach out to their surrounding communities. Many churches are already harnessing robust and inexpensive webcasting technologies to put a public face on their church. While churches increase visibility online, they also increase their vulnerability to potential copyright infringement. Read More »