How do I Upload Files to my Website?

There are a couple ways to upload files (images, PDFs, audio files, etc.) to your website. 1. Using SFTP Using an SFTP client requires a bit more set...

Adding a Parish Data System Registration Form to your Website

The Orthodox Software Initiative / Parish Data System offers a registration form that integrates directly with their database. This article explains how to add your customized registration form to...

How to Compress a PDF

To save space on your website and to allow for a positive user experience for all of your website visitors, we suggest that you compress PDFs so that they are no more than 2 MB in file size.

​ Website Navigation Best Practices

Andrew Constantinou   Introduction Your website’s navigation is one of its most important features. At...

Templates 5-8: Changing Your Background Image

Template 5 gives parishes the opportunity to add a beautiful, large, background image to their website to bring in a little more eye-appeal.

How to Create A Weblink in the EVO CMS

A weblink is a resource item where the content is a link to a either a local or internal page on your own site or to an external site. Once created, weblinks can appear in your site's navigation.

Selecting a Page Template

Parish websites that are managed with the Evolution (EVO) content management system, have ten, predesigned page templates available for use. These...

Templates 1-4: Editing Your Website's Background Pattern

Templates 1-4 give you the opportunity to add a subtle background pattern to your parish website.

Adding Social Media buttons to your Website Footer

In the footer of the website templates made by Internet Ministries is a set of links to Social Media sites. This article will show you how to add and remove buttons from that section of your site.

How to Change Your Website's Color Scheme and Site Fonts

All of our website templates come with the ability to change the color theme and font family for your entire website. Below are the simple steps required to make these adjustments.

Adding, Editing, and Rearranging the Navigation of Your Website

Editing the Navigation for your website is easy, but if you haven't yet learned about the Site Resource Tree, take a look at this article before reading...

How do I add Google Analytics to my Website?

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing...

Tools To Help You With Creating and Optimizing Website Graphics

As a content creator for your parish, it is important that you have the right tools to get the job done properly. We’ve compiled a sampling of easily accessible and user-friendly options to empower...

Essential Content for Your Parish Website

Introduction Websites are like a box of chocolates. Though you may “never know what you’re gonna get”, the heart of this comparison is that there are a...

Adding Google Calendar to my website

Here are a few ways to add different variations of Google Calendar to your website. To accomplish the below, you'll first need to know how to: ...