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The mission of the Department of Internet Ministries is to follow the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ who said: "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation" (Mark 16.15). As a part of this ministry, we have created, a FREE Orthodox e-card service.

Iconograms offers users:

  1. Icons, icon descriptions, readings, and hymns which are copyright and used with permission from various sources around the United States
  2. Options to fully customize greetings by changing color themes and fonts
  3. Notifications to you when your card has been viewed
  4. Notifications to your friends and loved ones that an Iconogram has been sent to them
  5. Searching capabilities

Features available for registered users:

  1. A history of the Iconograms you have sent
  2. An address book for quick sending
  3. An event reminder to keep you up-to-date on special events such as namedays, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays in the lives of your loved ones
  4. The ability to tell when you would like to have your greeting sent out
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