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The Bulletin Builder Dashboard

Bulletin Builder provides a quick glance of all recent activity for your parish or organization accounts through the Dashboard screen. By default users are taken to the dashboard after logging into Bulletin Builder. To access the dashboard from within Bulletin Builder:

  • Roll your mouse over Organizations in the site menu at the top of the window
  • Click on the name of your organization
    • Users who are affiliated with more than one organization will have an option to click on any of their organizations from the drop down menu or to click on All Organizations to get a comprehensive listing of all of their organizations.

The dashboard displays:

  • Special announcements passed down from the Bulletin Builder administration team
  • Information about the most recent, upcoming bulletin from your organization, and the ability to View, Manage, or Preview that bulletin or instantly publish it
  • Easy access to your organization's bulletin archive and account settings
  • A record of the last 14 days of user activity and the ability to easily access previously created bulletins directly through this listing
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