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Personal Settings

Getting to Personal Settings:

  • Roll your mouse over "Settings" in the Top Navigation bar.
  • Select "Personal Settings"

Using this Section:

In the Left Column, there are several pages to which you may navigate in order to update account information.

User Information

Change general account information:

  1. Type in a First Name (required) into the text box. This will be used throughout Bulletin Builder.
  2. Type in a Last Name (required) into the text box. This will be used throughout Bulletin Builder.
  3. If you would like to use a picture of yourself within the Bulletin Builder system you can select "Browse" and navigate your computer to select an appropriate picture.
  4. If at any time you would like to delete this picture and instead use the system picture you can click the "Delete Avatar" button. Your avatar will not be deleted until you confirm your request by clicking "Ok" in the popup window.
  5. Type in a valid email address (required) that will be used to notify you of account and password information as well as Bulletin publishing information.
  6. Type in a phone number (required).

Press "Back" if you did not make any changes or do not want to save the changes you made. Press "Update User" to save changes.

If any required fields (fields marked with a red asterisk [*]) are left empty, you will be notified with a red box at the section. Make the required change and then press "Update User."

Change Password

Use this form to update your Bulletin Builder password. All fields are required.

  1. Type in your current Bulletin Builder password into "Current password."
  2. Type in a new password into "Password."
  3. Re-type your new password into "Password confirmation."
  4. Press "Change Password."

If there was a problem with your password you will receive a notice that it was not updated. Make the required changes and press "Change Password" again.

Organization Management

This list shows the organizations with which you are registered. A badge with a star next to an organization badge indicates that you are an Admin for that organization. Pending organizations will be listed but greyed-out with the text "(Pending)" until the registration request has been approved.

  1. If you are a member of two or more organizations, you may remove an organization from your account by pressing "Remove" next to the appropriate organization. The organization will not be removed from your account until you confirm your request by clicking "Ok" in the popup window.
    If you are an administrator for the removed organization, then:
    • If another administrator exists for the organization, then no changes are made.
    • If NO other administrator exists for the organization, then the contributor with the earliest creation date becomes the administrator.
  2. Press "Settings" to see the organization's Settings page.
  3. To add a new organization, use the search criteria under "Add An Additional Organization." Search for your parish by State/Province and by Jurisdiction. If your Jurisdiction has Dioceses or metropolises, you will be required to choose that as well. To see non-parish Organizations, choose that option from the Jurisdiction selector.
    • Press "Join" next to the appropriate parish.
    • Press "OK" to the pop up that informs you of the approval process.
    • The parish will now appear gray in your list of organizations.
  4. Request to have a parish or organization added to the database by pressing the link "Request to have your parish or organization added to our database."
    • Complete the form. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
    • Press "Send" to send the request.
    • Press "Cancel" to not send the request and exit out of the pop up.

Delete Account

Remove your account from the Bulletin Builder system:

  1. Press "Delete" to remove your account from Bulletin Builder.
  2. Press "Cancel" to end the request and return to your Dashboard.

By deleting your account, all personal information associated with you will be deleted. If you have made any changes or created bulletins for an organization, that work will remain in the Bulletin Builder system. Any organizations connected with your user account will also remain in the system.

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