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Hymns of the Day Section

The Hymns of the Day section is automatically built for you, using the prescribed apolytikion and kontakion hymns specifically for your service. With this being the case, you may not need to adjust this section weekly once you've set your preferred translations.

If you customize this section, but decide that you want to return to the default settings Bulletin Builder selected for your service, click the Restore Defaults button.

Note: Clicking this button will deleted any customizations you've made to the Hymns section. Any changes that you want to keep will need to be re-done after you've Restored Defaults.

Adding a New Hymn

You can add a new Hymn in one of two ways. First, you canadd a Hymn for a specific Event from the Ecclesiastical calendar (this includes both fixed feasts as well as movable feasts). Alternatively, you can manually enter a Hymn to include in your Bulletin.

Adding a Hymn for an Event

  1. Click the "New Hymn" button in the menu bar at the top of the Hymns of the Day Page. This will open the "Create a Hymn Group" popup.
  2. Select an Event from the Event Group drop-down list. The movable feasts are listed first, followed by the fixed feast days.
  3. Choose Create to add the selected event to the Hymns page.
    Note: Choosing a feast from the Events selection will include both the apolytikion and kontakion for your feast.

Adding a Hymn Manually

  1. Click the "New Hymn" button in the menu bar at the top of the Hymns of the Day Page. This will open the "Create a Hymn Group" popup.
  2. Fill in the Title field with the title of the Hymn you will be including in your Bulletin.
  3. Select the proper Hymn Type from the Hymn Type drop-down menu. The options are Apolytikion and Kontakion.
  4. Select the proper Tone for your hymn.
  5. Enter the text for your Hymn in the Hymn field.
  6. Select the proper Language for your Hymn. If there are multiple languages you would like to include, use the first language here and you can add a second language by Editing the Hymn once it's been added to your bulletin.
  7. Choose the Type of your Hymn. This field indicates where the translation is from, so that anyone looking at your Bulletin will be aware of the source.
  8. Enter the copyright information into the Copyright Holder field. While this field is not required, it is a good idea to get in the habit of entering this information to properly cite your sources.
  9. Click the Save button to add the Hymn to your Bulletin.

Editing Hymns

Editing a Hymn allows you to select your preferred translation(s) for a hymnand also change the individual wording of a translation. You also have theability to add a new translation for hymns, if your preferred translation isnot present.

To edit a Hymn, click the Edit button at top right of your selectedHymn. This will open the Edit a hymn popup.

Adding a Translation

  1. Enter the text for your translation into the Hymn field.
  2. Enter the name of the Copyright Holder in the Copyright Holder field.
  3. Click the Add button to add your new translation to the bottom of the translations list.
    Note: Your new translation will appear at the bottom of the list of translations by default.

Editing the text of a Hymn

  1. Click the Edit button on the right side of the translation you would like to edit.
  2. Make any changes necessary to the translation in the text box that appears. If you need to change the copyright information, do so in the Copyright Holder field.
  3. Click the Save button to save your changes to your Bulletin.

Choosing a Translation and Reordering Translations

You have the ability to select one or many different translations for each Hymnin your Bulletin. To include a translation in your Bulletin:

  1. Click the checkbox next to the translation so that a check mark appears.
  2. Likewise, to remove a translation from your Bulletin, click the checkbox next to any translation which already has a check mark, to remove it.

You can also change the order that the translations appearin your Bulletin. To do this:

  1. Place your cursor over the horizontal lines with the arrows pointing up and down, next to the translation checkbox.
  2. Click and hold the mouse button, and drag the translation up or down the page to the place where you would like the translation to appear in your Bulletin.
  3. Once the translation is where you would like it in the list, release the mouse button to save the translation to its current position.

Re-ordering/Deleting Hymns

Re-ordering Hymns

To re-order a Hymn, place you cursor over the word Move above the title of your selected Hymn.Click the word Move and drag the Hymn to your preferred location on the page.Once the Hymn is where you would like it on the page, release the mouse buttonto save the Hymn to its current position.

Deleting Hymns

To delete a Hymn, click the Delete button at top right of your selectedHymn. Click OK on the popup box to confirm that you want to delete the hymn.
Note: If you delete a Hymn that had custom translations, you will losethat translation. If you choose to re-add the hymn to your bulletin, you willhave to add the translation back to the hymn. Make sure you really want todelete the Hymn before using the Delete button.

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