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How to change a Background on T008 or T009 Templates

How to change a Background on T008 or T009 Templates

Templates 008 and 009 allows for the uploading of an image that can be used as a background for the entire site. This is a great feature which allows a parish website to have a more personal feel. Possible backgrounds can include something that is unique and stands out within the parish such as but not limited to:

  • Mosaic
  • Icon
  • Iconostasis
  • Interior architecture
  • Exterior architecture
  • Stained glass

The Department of Internet Ministries has also created an array of backgrounds that can be used in templates 008 & 009.

Uploading the Background Image to the Server

Before uploading the background to the server, we must find out where the file should be located on the server. In order to find this information out, we will need to locate the template.css file which calls the background image.

  1. Log into the parish’s FTP account.
  2. Once logged into FTP, go to The template.css file will need to be opened with a plain text editor. Keep in mind, the location of the css file may vary. If you need assistance finding this file, please contact the Department of Internet Ministries.
  3. Once the template.css file has been opened with a text editor, locate the code that calls the background file
  1. The screenshot above indicates where the background directory is located: /assets/themes/common/backgrounds/. Minimize the text editor since the name will have to be updated in step# 6. Back in the FTP client, go to the background image directory as specified in template css.
  2. Once you have found the backgrounds folder, go ahead and upload your image into that folder. In addition, copy the full name of the file that you are uploading including the file extension. Please note, if you are using a background image which has been created by the Department of Internet Ministries, the image may already be stored in the backgrounds folder.
  3. From step# 4, maximize the text editor and replace the existing name of background that is being referenced. The screenshot from step# 3 shows the image name of ‘theotokos.jpg.’ Paste the name that you copied over the existing image name. Save the changes to the editor. FTP should automatically upload these changes onto the server.
  4. Refresh the parish website and see how the changes look. If there are any questions, please contact the Department of Internet Ministries at 646-519-6690.
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