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Setting up Voicemail on your Phone

To setup voicemail for the first time, please do the following:

  1. Call voice mail at extension 262.
  2. The system will talk you through a self-enrollment process. you will be asked to do four things:
    1. Speak your first and last name.
    2. Indicate whether or not you want to be in the directory.
    3. Record a personal greeting.
    4. Enter a security code (please be sure to write it down, keep it in your wallet, and remember it!)
  3. The system will prompt you for each item. If you make a mistake, you can press 2 and repeat the item.IV. After doing these four things, the system will say, "your mailbox is now setup."
  4. Wait! That's not quite true. The system next says, "if you're satisfied with your settings, press 1." Only when you press "1" is your mailbox really set up!!
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