Create or Reset your Listserv Password

List Owners are able to log into the Listserv Dashboard to manage their lists. To create or reset a password, follow these simple instructions.
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Managing your Listserv Subscribers

Through the Listserv Management Website, you are able to add and remove subscribers to your list, both individually and in bulk.
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Deleting Subscribers from Listserv

Listserv Owners may occasionally need to delete one or more subscribers from their list.
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Working with Comcast Spam Settings

Certain Comcast users may report that they are not able to receive emails sent from the Listserv. This may be a result of Comcast's strict default spam filtering rules. The good news is that it can be easily resolved.
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User Account Not Receiving Listserv Emails

Three of the most common reasons people don't receive listserv emails are detailed below. If, after reading through this, the issue is not resolved, please...
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Exporting List of Addresses within Listserv

First, you will need to log in to the Listserv Management website. Instructions for this can be found here:  ...
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Using the List Moderation to Approve a Message

Occasionally, the confirmation message may not be delivered, in which case it is useful to know how to access the List Moderation queue to approve or reject messages directly on the Listserv Management website.
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Accessing the Listserv Management Website

If you are the owner of a Listserv list, you can log into the Listserv Management Website to configure the list, add and remove subscribers, edit message templates, and more.
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Confirming Messages from the Listserv

Many lists within the Listserv are configured to require a confirmation approval by the sender before the message gets distributed. This is an important safety check to ensure the sender intends to send the message. This process also gives the sender an opportunity to review the message for any corrections.
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Outlook Online's Link Preview Feature

For most Listserv lists, there is a security feature where list editors will need to approve a message with a confirmation link that gets emailed back...
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