Disputing a YouTube Copyright Claim

These online video hosting services use various methods to determine and prevent the illegal use of content on their platform.

No Fuss Live Streaming with a Single Click

Hardware and online subscription recommendations for making your live stream easier to operate than boiling a pot of water! There are many factors involved in deciding what solution is right for...

Live Streaming at any Cost

There are many ways to implement a live streaming solution. You may need to consider your budget, staffing capabilities (technical) and availability (time needed to operate and manage the...

Raising the Bar with Improved Audio for your Live Stream via a Smart Phone

Many parishes today use a smart phone mounted on a tripod to broadcast their divine services to Facebook Live or YouTube Live. This is a fine introductory set up for parishes who are just getting...

Embedding Facebook Video On Your Website

With the popularity and ease of Facebook Live, parishes and organizations have embraced this platform for live streaming of their Divine Services. If you are broadcasting to Facebook Live only, you...

Live Streaming Made Easy in 10 Steps

Live Streaming is very popular nowadays. With only a mobile phone in hand, many are streaming their lives for the world to see through social media platforms without thinking twice. Certainly, you...

Getting Started with Live Streaming Quickly on a Budget

Live Streaming has never been easier than it is today. At its simplest, all it takes is a smartphone, a little bit of know-how, and something worth sharing.

Why is my Live Stream Buffering?

On slower connections, a short buffering period is normal to the start of a live broadcast video stream. The buffering gives a cushion to the video so that it will play without interruption.

Privacy and Legal Considerations with Live Streaming

The following articles cover important Privacy and Legal issues that are worth considering as you venture into the world of Live Streaming at your parish.

Trouble Shooting Live Streaming Issues

Common Issues Viewers Experience Buffering If you receive emails or calls from viewers that the stream was buffering, these questions should be...