Getting Started with cPanel

Internet Ministries is pleased to offer cPanel access to all websites we host. This article will introduce you to the basics of using cPanel.

Keeping Track of Website Resource Usage

When creating and maintaining a website, an important task is to ensure your website is optimized. This means optimizing all multimedia content for your...

Adding Online Donations to Our Website

Adding an online payment system to your website is a great way to allow parishioners and others to easily donate to your parish.

Optimizing Images for the Web

An optimized website is essential for a positive user experience and for hosting cost savings. Images account for the majority of data transferred on a webpage and thus must be optimized.

Registering your Website with Search Engines

Once you've created your website, you want to take some important steps to ensure you will be found when people search for you.

Using Dropbox to Host Files for Your Email and Website

This article explains how to use Dropbox to host large files and use links to them in your email messages

Adding Multimedia (Audio, Video, Photos, Live Streaming) to your Website

Multimedia files are great ways to enrich your website. From sermon recordings to live streams of the Divine services, to welcome messages...

Choosing a CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily create and maintain a website without the need to write code. In addition to making website...

Account Security - Passwords and 2FA

Keeping your accounts secure on cPanel is critically important. Any unauthorized access to your account will grant access to all the files that make up...

Billing for Services provided by Internet Ministries

The Department of Internet Ministries offers both free and paid services to Orthodox parishes and organizations.

Website Backups

Beginning in Spring 2021, Internet Ministries is pleased to offer free incremental backups for all hosted websites on the Liquid Web Cloud Servers platform.

SSL Certificates for your Website

Beginning in Spring 2021, Internet Ministries is pleased to offer free SSL certificates for all hosted websites on the Liquid Web Cloud Servers platform.

Using an SMTP server for Website Forms

Many website feedback or contact forms use email functionality to send a message to the webmaster or another person associated with the website. In order to send this email, the message must pass...

Listing Your Parish in the Archdiocese Parish Directory

The online parish directory ( is maintained by the Chancellor's Office of the Archdiocese.

Purchasing a Domain Name

Owning a domain name is the starting place for creating a new website. Domain names are also used for email hosting and other web-based services.

Adding the Online Chapel to my Website

The Department of Internet Ministries offers the highly acclaimed Online Chapel as a snippet for your website: a self-updating list of the daily Epistle and Gospel readings and a list of daily...