Managing your Listserv Subscribers

Through the Listserv Management Website, you are able to add and remove subscribers to your list, both individually and in bulk.

To get started, first log in to the Listserv Management Website. (instructions available here).

Next, select your list (if you have more than one).

Next, will you be adding 1 or 2 names, or will you be adding many names?

Single Subscribers

Choose “Subscriber Management" in the left column.

To modify or delete existing subscribers, use the first search box on the page as seen in the screenshot below.

To add new addresses, type one email address and name at a time in the order that they recommend in the second input box in the middle of the screen also seen in the screenshot below. For example: "[email protected] Henry Brown" You can also choose whether or not you want an e-mail sent to the subscriber letting them know that they have been subscribed to your list. 


Bulk Operations

Step-by-Step Instructions for Importing from Microsoft Excel:


To manage multiple subscribers at once, create a text document in a program such as TextWrangler for Mac and or Notepad for Windows. The important thing is that you save the document as a plain text file (.txt) with Windows Encoding. No other file formats will work.

In the document put the e-mail addresses and names of each person you want to add, in the same format as if adding a single subscriber, one address per line. It will look like this:




An example of both would be:

[email protected] Henry Brown
Henry Brown <[email protected]>

Save the document in .txt file format. 

Next, in the Listserv Management Website, click on Subscriber Reports in the left navigation column and click on Bulk Operations.

A popup will appear where you will be given three options - add the imported addresses, remove the imported addresses from this list, or remove the imported addresses from all lists. Be sure to select the appropriate option. Next, choose your text file and then click the import button.

You may also wish to check out the following video provided by Listserv for a visual of this process.